Tumi Makgabo
Contact Tumi

To book Tumi as a speaker, commentator, facilitator or ‘MC’:

E-mail: yourevent@tumimakgabo.com

For the most efficient and comprehensive feedback, please ensure that the request you submit contains the following:

• A description of your event

• The number of people you anticipate will attend your event

• A description of the roles and responsibilities you wish Tumi to fill at your event

• The date, time, venue and geographic location of your event

• The industry to which your event is related/targeted

• The contact name and details of the most appropriate liaison for your event

• Please also advise whether or not you’ll require an image of Tumi to use in any promotional material for your event

To contact Tumi & Co. regarding television/video productions or media training:

E-mail: productions@tumimakgabo.com

To share your thoughts with Tumi:

E-mail: interact@tumimakgabo.com